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  1. I think it is a great idea...not only for the ones who will be there at the same time but also to be more prepared and know other interns experiences. We can create a group in fb or something alike if you agree.
  2. Hello! I was offered an intern position at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice for November, December (2016) and January (2017). I am really happy I was accepted but I have doubts about how it would be to live and work in Venice in Winter, specially given that there are not seasons in my country. If anyone has accepted this internship during winter before please tell me about your experience. Any opinions, tips or comments are welcome. thank you!
  3. Hello, I got accepted for nov-dic-jan 2017! I applied for sept-nov but will say yes! Anyone will be there by then? Congrats and best wishes!
  4. Hey there Has anyone taken or heard about the online course offered by NODE (Center of curatorial studies)? Do you have any opinions? Thanks!
  5. Congratulations Rachel!! I still have not received anything Who is in the same situation?? Anyone knows the mail address of the person/department in charge of this process? I am starting to freak out about them not receiving my documents
  6. Im in the same situation. It seems like sometimes they answer even a month after the deadline, but there is other people who have been informed on the deadline or only a few days later Please let me know if you receive anything
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