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  1. I hope they are still looking at applications, since I haven't heard anything yet. I had just assumed my rejection was on its way since it was so late already! To the original poster - I know Queens reputation is great around here, and there are so many hospitals in the area that I would think you could get some good externships.
  2. Hi, Deciding between Hofstra, Adelphi and St. John's. Does anyone have any feedback on these programs. St. John's and Hofstra seem comparable in price, while I think Adelphi is about $20k more. I know St. John's is ranked higher, but I'm not sure how much that really matters when it comes to getting a job. Does anyone have insight on these programs? Thanks!
  3. I also received the confirmation email from Queens yesterday, I thought it might mean they are now looking at my application, but based on comments from others, it seems they are done interviewing. I assume I will receive a rejection in the mail in the next few days. Disappointing, I thought I might get an interview.
  4. Has anyone heard from Queens College? I've been accepted at Adelphi and Hofstra, but still hoping to at least get an interview at Queens. Any opinions on Adelphi vs. Hofstra?
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