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  1. I actually completed a second bachelor's degree through Utah State online, in order to complete all the leveling courses so I have taken all of their available online courses! I'm not sure which class you are referring to specifically, but feel free to let me know or PM me!
  2. I was accepted to both Idaho State and UNCO for the fall term. I will be visiting both schools next week but am wondering if anyone knows more about the programs from a student perspective!
  3. @snoves Thank you! I agree! I felt much more confident answer those questions as compared to WSU's, though afterward I didn't feel as confident with the interviewer's response to my answers so who knows honestly! I'm really looking forward to hearing back from both- as I've done more research into the programs I'm more and more impressed. Has anyone heard any negatives about either of these programs? Or does anyone have something about the programs that doesn't feel 100% with you?
  4. I interviewed with Eastern Washington on 2/25. It was somewhat similar in structure- two faculty members and only a 15 minute interview. Unlike WSU, they came in with specific questions to the interview. Questions were to be expected (what led you to pursue this, tell us something you want us to know about you, etc).
  5. I had a follow up email with WSU and they said that we should hear back decisions the week of March 11th! I believe the same goes for Eastern Washington, during the EWU interview they said they were interviewing through March 6th which would put them around the same timelines.
  6. Yes! I heard that. I have my backup plan completely lined up already, but I'm interested to hear back from them anyways.
  7. Thank you for being so encouraging! It's awfully nice. I'll feel better going in next year.
  8. Yes, this was my first time applying so I was really just trying to see what happened, since I know most don't get in until they've applied a few times before. I have a below average GPA (3.2) since I started out on the pre-med track for 2 years along with other extraneous circumstances, but have over a 3.5 in my major (Linguistics). My GRE scores were also average- 155V 148Q 5.5W. I have research experience, as well as worked 1-on-1 with an autistic preschooler, extensive shadowing/observation. I had great letters of rec, one of the professors is now on the LSA executive board. Oh well. I will be reapplying next year after completing a post-bacc in the field, retaking the GRE, and gaining work experience in a related field.
  9. I haven't heard from University of Arizona, University of Nebraska at Omaha, and Teacher's College. I've received 4 rejections, and have accepted my fate. Just waiting to have total confirmation so I can start getting myself prepared to reapply next year.

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