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  1. I've gotten offers from Queen's MPA program and Ryerson MA in Public Policy and Administration. I'm leaning towards Queen's; their program is ten months and offers a co op program at the end. Ryerson is 1.5 - 2 years with field study opportunity. Queen's seems like it has a more diverse bank of courses, a lot of which stand out to me. Is anyone out there in a similar position or have experience that could shed light on how the two programs compare? Thanks!
  2. So I've received offers so far from Queens (MPA) and Ryerson (MA -Public Policy and Admin), but still waiting to hear back from UofT and UVic. I got early acceptance to Queen's, just in the past week to Ryerson. Has anyone gotten rejections yet from UofT/Uvic? I know that UofT has already sent out at least one wave of offers. What should I expect over the next few weeks? What would you say my chances are? Does anyone have insight into the central differences between the programs I'm choosing from? Thanks!
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