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  1. I did find the program you were talking about - MSW with a focus in Genontology. This looks great. You can register with the CRPO with a MSW? Call yourself a "Registered Psychotherapist"? Would this route be better/worse than doing a MA or M.Ed in Counselling? SSHRC / CIHR applications will absolutely be happening.
  2. I'm definitely going to check into that UofT gerontology stream. Is it a Psych program, or Social Work? The thing is that I'm not sure if I want to be a clinical/counselling psychologist if I can do similar things oriented to my interests with a MSW/ lower degree (ie: less time in school, less debt).
  3. @joshw4288 I suppose I will do that - the undergraduate research that I have been doing has been with a social psychologist and thus she is not much help in this area. I feel like if I can achieve what I want to do (ie: therapy) with a MSW then this would be a viable option. An M.Ed in what stream? Counselling psyc? Do you feel that going a different direction (as in NOT Clinical PhD) will hinder my ability to find work?
  4. Really? This would allow me to call myself a "counsellor".. or what title would I get with a MSW? I just would have thought social work would not provide the same type of psychological training/intervention techniques in order to provide effective therapy.
  5. In September I will be starting my 4th year at a university in Ontario taking Psychology. I want to do primarily therapy - not so much interested in research, but its not a closed option. 90 average throughout university so far, honours thesis and undergraduate research experience. Volunteering at a seniors centre. I am taking my GRE in September but I have NO idea where I even want to go to graduate school. I don't even really understand the difference between clinical and counselling psychology and which is better for what I want to do. All I hear is that clinical opens more doors/
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