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  1. I would recommend Europe and preferably German universities given that there is no tuition and such approaches are quite popular outside the few quant-heavy departments in Mannheim, Konstanz, Bonn or Heidelberg.
  2. As some have noted on PSR, you should also note that a drop in the ranking does not necessitate a drop in the program's quality given first the low response rate of the survey (around 30 or so percent I think), second the possibility that other programs simply became better, and third similar to second that no tie to tie need also not be a downturn.
  3. Let's not kid ourselves. Everyone knows that the C in CHYMPS stays for Columbia, just as much as the P stands for PSU.
  4. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad Institution: Somewhat known international university Major(s)/Minor(s): Political Science Undergrad GPA: 3.8 Type of Grad: N.A. Grad GPA: N.A. GRE: 163/169/5.5 Any Special Courses: Statistics I, Statistics II, Social Science Research Methods, Survey Design, Econometrics I, Econometrics II, Causal Inference, Analysis of Panel Data Letters of Recommendation: Method prof whose lecture I took and who heard very positive things from others (was the first one in years who aced all the Statistics exams), IR prof at my home university with whom I had
  5. On 2., Yale may be an option. Slovik is there as far as I can remember.
  6. Yeah, I did. Best offer and best fit arguably, and the stipend suffices for everything I will need, so who am I to wait or to complain. Also closure.
  7. It was meant as a reply to an earlier post regarding the funding/endowment reduction.
  8. I think that it is important to note that given the low number of admitted students, 4% turns out to be about 1 spot. Of course, it can be the difference between an acceptance and a rejection, but the chances do not become that much smaller.
  9. I don't remember any but given the limited variation I would not give it too much thought.
  10. Going to Columbia. I am quite certain that I haven't misclicked anything.
  11. 1) I can only partially speak for Columbia as it is the school I am going to, but it seems to me like funding after the fifth year is pretty certain given how regularly it is alluded to in the material they provide on the website. 2) I guess whether you feel overworked depends on what kind of person you are, how you work, and how fast and efficient you are at it and maybe less on the program. Personally, I wake up every morning at 6 and work from 8AM (10AM on the weekends) to 17:30+PM and then go to bed at 10 PM. Some would say that this is excessive (my grand-mother), others would consid
  12. How come? Only the quant training? I've 4-5 persons in my area at Columbia and only 1-2 at NYU.
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