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    Burnt Out

    At this point I am so frustrated with my thesis that even if I were to be accepted into a PhD program I would not go. I'm so burnt out on theology that I don't think I can handle another 5-6 years of it. Please advise.
  2. I've been having a good old fashioned Anglican hymn sing to cope with the stress. It's hard to be upset while belting CWM Rhondda and He Who Would Valiant Be... my neighbors must be thrilled.
  3. Has anyone else applied to Duquesne? If so, any word yet? I know the due date was rather late, but I'm having the palpitations waiting to hear.
  4. Waitlisted at Loyola Chicago. New levels of anxiety here.
  5. Duke, UNC, Loyola, and Duquesne. Yourself?
  6. Has anyone heard anything from Loyola Chicago or Duquesne?
  7. Has anyone else had an issue with the link sent by the admissions office at Duke Divinity?
  8. Things just keep getting better. Duke Divinity just sent me an email saying that I could view the admissions decision online- but the link is not working. Fan. damn. tastic
  9. First rejection today: UNC is a no. My POI sent me a super nice and very encouraging email though.
  10. Since February began I've gone through 2 bottles of scotch, a bottle of bourbon, and roughly 3/4 of a carton of cigarettes. You know. Just hangin' out here in Limbo.
  11. Last night I had a stress dream that the local First Baptist Church sent assassins after me, and Margaret Thatcher helped me escape to South America. So yeah. Thats pretty much where I'm at in my life...
  12. I haven't heard a peep from any of mine yet either. The anxiety is soul crushing.
  13. My personal favorite is Glenfiddich- 18. Though due to financial constraints I've had to move down to 12.
  14. This is literally the most stressful thing in my life right now. I have gone through 2 bottles of scotch a week since January began.
  15. SG_SC

    Columbia, SC

    Columbia is really quite affordable. As far as places to live, you have plenty of options. My boyfriend and his roommates lived at a complex called Pavilion Towers and I think they paid about $350 a month (I think... I could be wrong on that one, but I know it wasn't much more than that). If you're looking for a furnished place, you can also try Riverside in Cayce (which go for $1200/mo for a 2 bed). Places/neighborhoods to avoid: Eau Claire, Broad River Rd, areas close to Ft Jackson, the area around Benedict-Allen. If you're looking to avoid the undergrads, I recommend hitting up the Wh
  16. The wine ran out. I had to resort to scotch.
  17. My primary interest is in the Medieval period, with a focus on gender/ sexuality and bridal mysticism.
  18. I haven't heard a peep from anywhere as yet. Though, I don't honestly expect any responses until late February or early March. Theology and Religious Studies departments tend to not be the most efficient. The inefficiency is made all the more frustrating by the knowledge that they (generally speaking) receive far fewer applications than many other fields.
  19. SG_SC

    Program at UNC

    Has anyone on here applied to UNC for Religious Studies this year? Or is anyone currently attending, who would care to share reflections about the program?
  20. Help. I am working on an academic Master's at a hippie dippie seminary. My classmates are largely incompetent (save one or two who seem to have managed to get their heads out of their own asses long enough to come up for air). My thesis, which is in philosophical theology, is 4 weeks behind schedule- and I can't even talk about it with colleagues because it isn't about some touchy feely shyite. I'm applying to PhD programs and F$#%*ING nervous about it because my application is... acceptable (but only just). My boyfriend is 5 hours away, in his Residency and I barely get to se
  21. A lot will depend upon what you're planning to study. If your area of interest is in Ancient Med, then a working knowledge of Latin and Greek should be totally fine. You may be asked to learn another language within your program, depending upon what you study (Hebrew, Akkadian, or Syriac). Even if they're asking you to learn a modern language (German being most likely in your case), you probably won't have to worry about it for admissions. Most programs don't make you take language proficiency exams until the third year of your program when you're taking the Qualifying Exams to begin the diss
  22. Thanks. I tend to work relatively quickly, and the idea is actually one I've been kicking around since undergrad. I'm hoping to have a rough draft finished by the end of next week.
  23. I'm applying for fall of '17 for doctoral programs in theology. Most of the applications are asking for a sample of around 15 pages, nothing excessive. I think I'm questioning whether it is worth it to write something new while still working full time, and being enrolled in a full time MA program.
  24. Hi All, After reviewing some of my work, I have decided none of my papers are really what I want to submit with my application. I decided to just write a completely new sample to send in. Has anyone else done this? Or am I just going crazy and getting too stressed about this?
  25. @Rabbit Run, Thanks. I suppose I'm just stressing about the whole process.
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