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  1. My stats were as follows: - 3.79 GPA (3.93 in major) at the undergraduate level - I think that 161 V, 147 Q, and I can't remember what I pulled on the writing section. I took my GRE in 2012 and chose not to take the exam again for the 2017 application cycle. It was a bit of a risk, because my scores could and should have been higher... there was a lot going on at that time. - Resume including research assistantships at two universities, credits in a book (but no publications). - Department level awards, Phi Alpha Theta, etc., etc. - Transferred twice, had credits from a community c
  2. This. There are quite a few posters on here who got fully funded or well funded positions on MA programs from non-Ivy schools. Some are in great PhD programs now. Do you know what type of history you want to study? The history programs for some of those schools are just different, too -- for instance, Columbia's MA in history is World History. So is NYU's. I applied to the PhD program at Columbia and was rejected (not surprising, but why not apply?) and I made sure to select no on my application when asked if I wanted to be considered for the MA program if I did not get into the PhD
  3. Don't give up! I'm sending positive thoughts.
  4. I thought I'd chime in with my results. I'm legit sitting at a wine bar drinking a much deserved glass of wine I won't be able to afford when I'm a Phd student. I'm happy to announce that I was offered a spot at UConn with a full stipend for 5 years. I will be focusing on US foreign relations in the late 19th century UConn was actually my first choice! I was rejected from Northwestern (not surprising) and Columbia (not surprising). A former advisor urged me to apply to Columbia and it was a HORRIBLE FIT. I'm not surprised at all and it was for the best. I inte
  5. Thank you for making this! It's been very helpful as I'm going through applications.
  6. One of my advisors from undergrad accepted a fulltime position at a private school teaching history. He loves it. He fell in love with secondary education while he was writing his dissertation and teaching. The benefits are also excellent. A tenure track position in academia is great, right? But there are many roads that lead beyond the PhD.
  7. Question for you guys regarding languages -- in lieu of mentioning this in my personal statement, can I just include my language proficiency in my CV? Has anybody gone that route?
  8. Hi all! I am finishing up my applications right now, and I am curious about correspondence with prospective advisors. I recently flew out to meet one and tour the department, and we have a great rapport via email and in live conversation. I have a few others who I have been emailing back and forth a bit, and they are interested in my research. For successful (and current, even) applicants, how much email time or face time did you get with these professors? How much did this contribute to the success of your application?
  9. Do you have a particular monograph / secondary source that is particularly helpful? Many comprehensive monographs on a particular topic review the historiography in a particular field. You'll get a good sense of the debates up until now, as well as the current state of the field. I also recommend reading through published dissertations in your field -- again, historiography is usually discussed when laying down the framework for a new approach to an idea. If you are looking for more books and articles to read, it is always helpful to look at the bibliography if a book, article, or diss
  10. Thank you. I work full time hours outside of academia and time is passing by QUICKLY. This time is going to pass by quicker than we think! While I am not an expert, I recommend the following -- all based on advice that I am taking to heart: - Nail down your references. If you have been outside of academia for more than a year or two, this is going to be a big one. Your references are likely professors with full course loads, tons of current students, and other former students who need references. Under no circumstances should you assume that this is their top priority. You nee
  11. I've been lurking around this thread for a while. I suppose I'll throw my hat in the ring. I am also applying to programs for Fall 2017. I completed my undergrad back in 2011 and have been working outside of academia since then. I want to focus my research on late 19th century / early 20th century American foreign relations, with an emphasis on Anglo-American relations, race, and American exceptionalism. I'm applying to a few PhD programs in the US as well as some MA programs in the UK. I've nailed down my POIs and we've corresponded. I'm flying out to meet one department and
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