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  1. I lost my cool when I saw Cornell BCMB sent out invites but it turns out BCMB is different from BMCB. We're still in the game boys
  2. I just got accepted to the University of Maryland Biochemistry program without an interview. 31k stipend.
  3. Just got my first invite to Duke CMB (WOOOO I'm so stoked!!!) Best of luck everyone!
  4. I got that survey over a week ago... I wonder why its staggered?
  5. It depends on the school. It's still quite early, give it some time. Most invites are sent out around the same for a specific program but I don't think this holds true for schools with rolling admissions.
  6. Thanks! One more week of suspense. At least I only have 1 final.
  7. Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics. Heres hoping!
  8. No worries . Still waiting to hear back from the BGS program...
  9. Undergrad Institution: Big 10Major(s): Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyGPA in Major: probably ~3.5-3.6Overall GPA: 3.48Position in Class: not postedType of Student: Domestic white maleGRE Scores (revised/old version):Q: 166 (91%)V: 163 (92%)W: 5.0 (93%)B: not taking (not offered this year for some reason)Research Experience: 1 semester as a freshman in a biochemistry lab studying host-pathogen interactions 2.5 years in a biology/entomology lab studying bumblebee pigmentation: 1 pub, 2nd author in review. and another 2nd author pub in prep (should I include this on app?) 2 summers in a biochemistry/biophysics government lab studying marine adhesion mechanismsAwards/Honors/Recognitions: Dean's list past 4 semesters (embarrassing freshman performance). Research award from home university(came with a few thousand dollars to fund my research)Special Bonus Points: None that come to mind Any Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter: I worry that my research in biology is pretty far removed from what I plan to study in grad school. I'm planning to spin it and emphasize in my SOP the molecular work I've done, but there are limits.Applying to Where: at the advice of my advisor I am mostly applying to umbrella/interdisciplinary programs as my research interests are not well defined and I am (kind of) switching fields from biology research to biochemistry research. UPenn: BGS Cornell: BMCB Duke: CMB Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: MCB Wisconsin-Madison: IPIB UVA: Biomedical Sciences UMD: Biochemistry Michigan Ann Arbor: PIBS Johns Hopkins: BCMB Do you guys think I am shooting for the right programs given my stats? Too high/low? Any schools you think I should look into?
  10. I am a senior at a big 10 research university and this november I will be applying for PhD programs. Mostly umbrella/interdisciplinary programs in realm of biochemistry/molecular biology/biophysics. For the past 3 years I have been doing research in biology/entomology, specifically studying bumblebee pigment chemistry/development and various environmental factors that impact pigmentation. While I really enjoy my work I am looking to pursue graduate studies in biochemistry (I am also majoring in biochemistry) but there is not much overlap between my research now and traditional biochemical research. I do expect I will have 1 publication by the time I apply (and another 2 in prep) but will my lack of relevant research experience hurt my application? Will admission committees care that my research was in a different field even though I have shown I can do publishable research? P.S. here are my other stats GPA: 3.5 GRE: 166Q (91%) 161V (92%) 5.0W (93%)
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