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  1. No info on funding... TBH, I don't expect anything based on my stats (and unfortunately didn't apply for fellowships), but best of luck to you!
  2. AAAAND THEY'RE LIVE. Check your application status on the site! See you guys at Admitted Students Day!
  3. Looks like they just updated the Admitted Students page with info about Admitted Students Day this spring (Monday, April 3)... Fingers crossed for a decision soon!
  4. @coffeebean13 Congrats on Price! Barry sent me a great email back elaborating on a variety of different funding sources and grad study-related employment opportunities, but no specifics on whether or not unaccepted fellowships can be passed on to "second place" applicants. I'd assume they're not at liberty to discuss, and likely don't want to get anyone's hopes up if they do end up extending the offer to others and not simply retaining the funds for the fellowship's year over year pool. Would definitely be curious to know how that works as well...
  5. @coffeebean13 @LC0496Mystery solved - Barry emailed me yesterday night. Congrats on your fellowships! Hope to see you this March.
  6. Hello all! Setting this as a place to discuss all things Evans and Seattle in general. Super excited (and relieved) to have been admitted. Congrats to those who have also been, and hope to see you in March at one of the Admitted Students Days! Additionally, has anyone heard anything about tuition assistance updates? I emailed Barry, but I've not yet heard back. I'm getting the impression that Fellowship offers have been extended, but haven't heard about additional funding or in-state tuition offers. Fingers crossed.
  7. Same here! Best of luck to everyone.
  8. Program/Institution: MPA - Non Profit Management (with a focus in Operations and Finance) - looking for a program that offers a lot of interaction between the MBA and MPA schools, with the potential to take electives from the MBA. First picks are UW Evans and NYU Wagner. Also applying to Baruch. Interests: Corporate Social Responsibility, Impact Measurement, Sustainable Investment Practices Undergrad Institution: Colgate University Undergraduate Major: Art and Art History Undergraduate GPA: 3.2 (Major: 3.2) - My grades are were a little hit or miss for some health-related reasons, which I plan to disclose. However, I never scored below a C. Additional Education: NYU - Fundamental Concepts of Philanthropy (4.0), Grant Writing (4.0); Laguardia Community College - Intro to Microeconomics (will finish in Dec 16, likely netting out with a 3.5) GRE: Taking in 2 weeks... several practice tests have been just about in line with what is acceptable at my two top picks. Age: 29 Years of Work Experience: 7 Work Experience: Currently working for a non profit consultancy which works with F500 companies on their CSR, giving and impact investing strategy. We also work with corporations' IR teams on ESG-related sustainable investment strategy (pilot area in which I'm lightly assisting). I serve a dual role in both Operations (as a sort of Chief of Staff and internal coordinator) and in our corporate CEO-level communications and programming department. Prior work includes leading development (grant writing, gala planning, major gifts solicitation) and PR for a contemporary art space in NYC. Volunteer Experience: I am the co-chair of the junior board of a social-services non profit that supports foster children and their foster and biological families though community activities, parenting initiatives and skills-based job training. Most of these responsibilities include event and fundraising support, but I am currently working pro-bono with their development team on redeveloping their Annual Report. LORs: CEO of our organization (and former corporate CEO); former Executive Director (and current Foundation Executive Director of an F500); HBS professor and fellow who I have worked with Concerns: My undergraduate GPA is certainly low for top tier programs and not in a quant field. However, it's not reflective of the high scores that I received in most of my classes, and I plan to at least present some mitigating health-related circumstances for my lower GPA. I also believe that the depth of my work experience might alleviate some of that "sting." Through my applications, I'm looking to demonstrate a strong desire to study cross-sector collaboration and corporate citizenship (an interest from my current work) while also focusing on honing my finance and management skills to help translate what I've learned from a few years at a very corporate-savvy, well-run non profit to other organizations. While I am personally passionate about a few areas, I am professionally "cause-gnostic" and open minded when it comes to the mission-area that I would be working in. Would love to get some feedback, especially with regard to some mid-level programs that might also be good to apply to. Wagner and Evans to me are reaches, while I am reasonably certain I would be accepted to Baruch. Aside from Seattle, looking to stay on the East Coast, if possible. Much thanks in advance, e
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