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  1. Has anyone else applied to USC’s Population, Health and Place program and heard back yet? I emailed Graduate Admissions to confirm they received a foreign transcript and they said they were still reviewing my application, but I know they’ve started sending acceptances. I’m trying to decipher whether that means they’re sending decisions as they review applications or whether I should be expecting an interview and/or rejection.
  2. Haven't heard from Columbia either-- from looking at past cycles, they might be sending invitation invites by the end of this week?
  3. When I emailed the Academic Program Director, he said that they would be reviewing apps in December and January, and notifying people around mid-February. It is my understanding that some students are applied without interviews, but others are asked to interview for further review.
  4. Same- it sucks, but I did visit Seattle and didn't feel the vibe of the city, so that's a thing that's kept me from being super bummed. At least the rest of the decisions seem to be trickling out!!
  5. Hi everyone! Lurking super hard, so wanted to jump in while waiting for results... Letter of recommendation should be fairly strong, but my master's research advisor missed the deadline for one the universities...I'm hoping that they will accept his rec late, since he also was late when I applied last year . Have the required 3 LORs, with at least one additional (would be two, maybe my research advisor will pull through!!). Undergrad Institution: Georgia Institute of Technology Major: Bachelor of Science in History, Technology and Society Minor(s): International Affairs Grad Institution: Georgia Institute of Technology, Master of City & Regional Planning; Environment & Health Specialization Grad GPA: 3.76 GRE: 156V, 153Q, 4.0AW Demographics: Hispanic, female, mid-twenties Research Experience Undergraduate research: no publications, undergraduate research scholarship (one for tuition, one for travel to a conference), one independent research project on bioethics and yellow fever Graduate research: applied research paper focused on wastewater systems in informal communities along TX-MX border, presented at a conference, two independent research projects on homelessness in Atlanta and solar zoning policies. Work research: research on wind energy permitting process, presented at national conference Work Experience Research and project coordinator at major research university for 4 years while working towards graduate degree part-time; in K-12 outreach/research, subsequently in energy Part-time work at local non-profit on industrial stormwater research and Clean Water Act enforcement Publications/Presentations Campus blogs? One publication from first job out of college on implementation of a STEM program to improve performance in physical science- NSF funded Fun Facts Study abroad in UK for ~6 months Strong involvement on campus for undergrad and graduate degree, notable groups include environmental and public health clubs. Some international public health volunteering experience Contacted faculty and had informational interviews with at least two at each uni Applied to Epi: University of Washington, Columbia University Population, Place and Health: University of Southern California Accepted Nothing yet! Rejected and/or Waitlisted: Nothingggg yet
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