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  1. University of Toronto iSchool

    @M.gooseberry The Annex and Kensington Market are nice neighbourhoods and close to campus. And a 20 min walk in winter is not that bad, some days are worse than others but it's manageable. @Legacy23 The coop program was just introduced last year and that may be why only 30 students were placed. This year I think there are more placements available but I can't remember the exact figure they gave at the meet and greet. Whether you choose one 8-month or two 4-month coop you still need to pay the usual fall/winter tuition (you don't have to pay summer term because it's included in your regular fall/winter tuition), plus the $1200 auxiliary fee. But remember that coop work is paid so it kinda works out. I have a friend that graduated from the MI and did coop and he says many of his classmates that did coop got job offers out of it so it seems like a pretty good program. Here is some more info on coop: https://ischool.utoronto.ca/current-students/courses/master-of-information-mi/mi-elective-option-co-op/
  2. University of Toronto iSchool

    @Nick.lb The meet and greet was great. There weren't many profs present so I didn't get to speak with any, but there were current students and alumni talking about the student experience and we had the chance to speak with them and ask questions. That was the focus of the event. @Legacy23 I have a nice apartment about 25 mins away from campus, in the Eaton centre area. When are you looking to move to Toronto? If you're planning to move late summer it may be premature to look now.
  3. University of Toronto iSchool

    Thanks for the update on TALint, I'll try for the second round. That syllabi link is really useful! The course timetable for 2016 is also available there and I took a look to get an idea of what course offering might be like in the fall.
  4. University of Toronto iSchool

    @frannyt It didn't mention much other than I had to mail it in by a certain date. I graduated 5 years ago anyways so the official transcript would be no different than the scanned copy I already submitted. I think it's just a formality to verify what I submitted online was accurate and unaltered. @Nick.lb Lol I was starting to feel old myself thinking most of the other applicants are undergrads too, but you're not alone I've been out of school for a while now too.
  5. University of Toronto iSchool

    @frannyt The only condition on my letter was that I had to mail in an official transcript. @Nick.lb Other than the letter I got a sheet with information on how to submit an official transcript and how to make the $500 deposit payment. For those who applied for the January 31 deadline, have you heard anything about awards?
  6. University of Toronto iSchool

    @frannyt I'm considering the internship option and think I'll also apply for it if I don't hear from TALint. I was speaking to a friend who is an alumni of the MI who says students are often offered employment after graduation from the company they interned with, which sounds pretty amazing. As for concentrations, I applied to ISD and KMIM.
  7. University of Toronto iSchool

    I haven't heard a thing since submitting my cv/cover letters either. I'm getting discouraged too since I don't really have much relevant experience. I know I'll need a part-time job when school starts but I'm debating if I should look for something in information management even if it doesn't pay well just to have the experience in my resume, or if I should look for decent paying work that may not be relevant to my studies at all but pays the bills.
  8. University of Toronto iSchool

    I'm renting an apartment outside, I'm a 20-30 min walk to campus. Either option is fine since you're still downtown and close to everything, but like @frannyt I personally prefer to stay in the same place for the full two years since moving is such a hassle. I'm wondering if anyone here also applied for TALint?