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  1. So I am in what has to be the best and worst position ever. All 4 schools I applied to have given me unconditional offers (well conditional on me sending them proof of degree and a deposit). If anyone has any advice I'm all ears. Until today I only had 2 offers and was having a hard enough time deciding then. I even made a 16 page document on the pros and cons of just one of those universities. Suddenly today I received an extra two offers which has made this process even harder! Oxford: MSc Computer Science Imperial College London: MSc Computing (Machine Learning) UCL: MSc Machine Learning Edinburgh: MSc Artificial Intelligence Over the moon and completely dazzled!
  2. OX_CS

    Accepted Celebration!!!

    Applied to 4 programmes, accepted by 2, application delayed on 1, and still waiting on the other. The first two are Imperial College and UCL which are both amazing schools so I'm ecstatic! But also spent the past 2 months trying to work out which to go to x_x.
  3. I have emailed two universities (Imperial and UCL) for deadline extensions. At least in the UK, it's a very commonly done thing so there's no need to worry. I just went with something along the lines of "I am still waiting for a decision from other universities. Is it possible to extend the deadline by which I need to respond to this decision as I do not want to make a decision in haste". Last thing they want is uncertainty in their decision replies so I'd be very surprised if they didn't allow you the extension.
  4. If I try to load it it says it has no posts to show and that there are -1 replies.. EDIT: This seems to be the case with all topics in that section posted around the same time as mine (they have 0 replies).
  5. OX_CS

    Oxford applicants

    Looks like I've been pushed into January deadline which means another 2 months or so to wait for a response. Now not sure what to do as my backup choice will need a response well before then.
  6. OX_CS

    Oxford applicants

    I received the admissions questions a couple of days after I submitted, if I remember correctly. In hindsight, if I had known I would have tried to time it better as they weren't easy to complete on two working days of 9-7! Luckily I work in an AI research center so just 'pretended' to do work and got on with the questions at my desk instead . In other news, today is the final working day of the first 2 weeks of January, so I expect november deadliners should be hearing back today! That's assuming they're able to sort everything out in the rough timeframe they offered, otherwise hopefully next week. Living in a different timezone definitely doesn't help though. I just want the wait to be over; rejection or offer!
  7. OX_CS

    Driving myself crazy

    The wait sucks. I've only applied to 3 universities but my application is relatively strong. Received one offer a couple of days ago but before that had heard nothing - and it's almost been 3 months for the other two applications! I'm hoping to find out about the rest over the next couple of weeks; fingers crossed.
  8. OX_CS

    Oxford applicants

    Had my interview yesterday and now just need to wait for a final decision by the first couple of weeks of January. Even more anxious now :S .
  9. OX_CS

    Oxford applicants

    BUUUMP! Just got an email for an interview for CS. Bricking it!

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