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  1. You couldn't build a binomial model: the binomial requires both independence of outcomes and constant probability. This model has neither. I think you're looking more for a logistic regression, which can map multiple categorical and quantitative variables into a binary response. Otherwise, for this tier of program, the GRE score tends to hold the most weight in acceptance rates from what I've seen on the gradcafe and in talking with students from FSU and South Carolina. Nailing a Q: 165+ seems to all but guarantee you funding to those two in particular. Aim for that, and you should be golden.
  2. Biostat: UW vs Upenn?

    I can't give you much insight into the programs as far as the specifics, but I will reference a post (albeit it is quite old), about halfway down the page cyberwulf discusses the differences between the tier of departments and its effects on career prospects in academia. Additionally, I lived in Philadelphia for about two years and attended classes a few classes at Penn. It may be a personal preference, but I absolutely hated the city. Hope this helps a bit!
  3. Maybe I can convince @cyberwulf or @Biostat_student_22 to help me out here?
  4. Hey everyone! I'm interested in getting some program recommendations for statistics and biostatistics programs. See specific questions at the end of this. (special thanks to @marmle for recommending me to thegradcafe.) Undergrad Institution: Poorly Ranked Southern Institution Program: BS Mathematics. Computer Science/Economics minors. (in spring of 3rd year) GPA: 3.91 (4.0 math) Type of Student: Domestic White Male Courses: Mathematics: Real Analysis I, Abstract Algebra I, Differential Equations, Introduction to Advanced Mathematics, Applied Statistics, Linear Algebra, Calculus I-III. (Currently taking): Real Analysis II, a graduate course in set theory, Mathematical Statistics I, Categorical Data Analysis (next semester, during application): Experimental Design, Mathematical Statistics II, Numerical Analysis GRE: V: 169 Q: 170 AWA: 5.5 Research Experience: Currently submitting a paper in extremal graph theory and should be presenting its results at an international conference. Currently working on two papers in applied statistics. Mentioned in acknowledgements for paper on multivariate normality. Hoping to do SIBS at least this summer, but have applied to several REU's Research Interests: Clinical trial design methodology/data quality (biostatistics), normality tests and bayesian inference (stats) Awards/Honors/Recognitions: large undergraduate scholarship, term gpa, honor societies. Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Student assistant for math department since start of this year (grader, tutor, proctor for tests). Also am the director of elections for my school, and have programmed a survey software to be able to conduct elections for us (saved us about 1500$ a year in costs) Letters of Recommendation: - Math professor and associate chair who I am publishing graph theory research with - Stats professor who I am completing statistics research with (also adviser) - (currently, hopefully will which out with REU adviser if possible) math professor who has been my instructor for Real I-II, ODE, Linear, and Calc III Concerns/Questions: I'm more worried about the quality of my institution more than anything. Will programs in biostats and stats still take me seriously, or will the rigor of my school preclude my admission to some programs? I am considering dropping my CS minor (basically I will be on class short) in order to do an independent study in measure theory from Royden's Real Analysis. Is this worth it? I would love some recommendations on where to apply for my research interests for biostats. I would also really appreciate some recommendations for stats and biostats as far as reach/match/safety schools. Thank you!