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  1. Congrats to those who received good news today! Has anyone heard from Harvard PHS-Nutrition?
  2. Congrats! What are your research interests?
  3. Did anyone with interests in childhood obesity get an interview at Harvard PHS (SBS or Nutrition)?
  4. No worries. Congrats again! Out of curiosity, what are your research interests within SBS?
  5. I'm still wondering this too. Does no interview mean that we didn't move to the next phase of the admission process? Hoping someone has the answer!
  6. Congrats! Were you contaced by a faculty member at Harvard?
  7. I'm unsure. I saw that someone was accepted last year who didn't interview. So maybe it's on a case by case basis.
  8. I spoke with someone in the department a few months ago and she said that sometimes they will conduct interviews. So, I was curious to know if anyone had been contacted.
  9. Has anyone heard from Harvard PhD in Population Health Sciences, Social and Behavioral Sciences track?
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