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  1. Has anyone heard back from the Courtauld?! Apparently tomorrow will be the last day that they send out offers.
  2. @baddie Same here, still no news. My status is still 'under review' (the one just before a Decision has been made or something like that). It's taking forever.
  3. @whats-up-geog This is wonderful! It's been so much easier to learn about the academic/student life in London, but given the fact that I'm Canadian I hardly know anything about St Andrews beyond their prospectus. I can't thank you enough for all these little insider tips! I'm still waiting to hear back from one uni in London, but if it fails, then St Andrews is most likely going to be it for me. Their reputation, alone, speaks for itself and I think it would be one of the best academic foundations that I could have before then pursuing a PhD in London. Budget wise, St Andrews would most likely be cheaper as well, in terms of accommodation, transport (walk!), etc. Have your heard anything about housing? The uni offers little apartments to share with 3-4 other grad students, have you heard anything good about those, since I'm considering applying? I would most likely only do my MPhill there, so I would want to save as much as possible before my PhD. This may sound very silly, but one thing that worries me is actually the quality of the library/documentation, did you have to take lots of trips to Edinburgh to find books to write papers or was it fairly easy to find everything that you needed at St Andrews? Thanks for commenting about the importance of joining clubs & participating in the student life. It's definitely something to consider, because where I live (or London) there's lots to do, museums to visit & stuff like that, and I'm glad to know that the town has a life of its own and that it's fairly easy to unwind. Don't mention visiting the Highlands, it's already on my list! Big decisions! I really appreciate your help, you've breathed life a little bit more into both the uni & the town. If I have any further questions, can I send you a message? Thanks!
  4. @namarie Thank you so much for all your info Although I've visited London a couple years ago, actually moving there for my graduate studies is something else entirely. Thanks for all the tips, you've definitely given me lots to consider!
  5. @waiting1111 If it's any comfort, I'm still waiting as well to hear back for my MA application. Fingers crossed that we'll get some news this week.
  6. @waiting1111 I'm still waiting as well. Hopefully we'll hear something soon, either good or bad. I interviewed for my first choice but haven't heard back yet
  7. Hi, I would welcome any tips or personal experiences of students who either studied/lived in London or in Edinburgh (UK). If any one has any personal information about the tiny town of St Andrews in Scotland, it'd be greatly appreciated as well. What are possible upsides vs downsides? Besides it being more expensive to live in London. I'm looking into doing both my MA and PhD somewhere in the UK so I really want to make sure that I'm choosing correctly. The MA is 1 year and PhD 3 years. Might it be cheaper to study in Scotland for the MA and then move to London for the PhD before, hopefully, starting working in London? Does anyone has any experience with living at Goodenough College in London? I would like to apply for the MA Thanks for the help!
  8. @vpup66 I'm still waiting as well for Carleton, I applied to their MA in Art History. Still waiting to hear back from U of T too.
  9. @jessieluna19 Thank you so much for your advice! It went much better than expected, I think
  10. @igotangels No, unfortunately I can't attend, but I'd love to hear your thoughts about it!
  11. Sounds great! I'm not even sure if the courses at UCL would be a right fit for me, given my area of research. But the faculty is really good and there could be ways to work with that. We'll see what happens, because I also have to figure out the funding now. Didn't really dare hoping/dreaming that I'd get accepted in the first place. Big decisions! I'll see you at UCL otherwise
  12. That would be amazing! There's still time to remember her email... In any case, I really appreciate all the advice that I've received so far.
  13. Hi! Newbie speaking, I've a Skype interview this week with the Courtauld, for my first option too. I'm overjoyed, but terrified as well. I was just wondering if anyone had any tips or advice? Of course, I'll get prepared for it, but I'd welcome any insights about what kind of questions to expect, etc. It's a first for me! I was accepted at other unis in the UK last week, but still, attending the Courtauld would be a dream come true. Thanks!
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