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  1. Hey friend, I've heard that if you follow up with MAGG admissions they'll get back to you relatively quickly and let you know where your application is at. Good luck!
  2. Do you by any chance know if that would be rolled out for the Sept. 2017? I've gotten conflicting info, will probably give them a call tomorrow and find out. Thanks!
  3. Does anyone know how UofT funding package's work? They offered me an entrance scholarship which is not nearly enough to cover the tuition and what not. Good luck to everyone still waiting!
  4. Got an acceptance email this morning for UofT MPP!
  5. Yeah, I'm not sure. I think they let us know on the 15th if we've made the cut or not. Good luck!
  6. Has anyone else received a "decision made" on their MPP at UofT?
  7. Hey @sonsofeasterly! Have you heard back from BSIA? I haven't heard anything which is strange because I'm at WLU which is the home institution for MIPP). I have seen a few acceptances go out, but honestly there doesn't seem to be a clear pattern as to how they're accepting people (for instance, we all thought it was people that had econ first, etc.) Where else have you applied? I am still waiting on MGA at Munk, which I don't think I'll get in but want to see anyways for moral booster (lol).
  8. Hey friend, I believe the 8th of April is the deadline. Hope this helps!
  9. Congrats friend, hope to see you there next year! I also applied to BSIA for the MIPP but haven't heard back, but I've heard that some offers have been given out. What stream are you in? I'm in IR. Cheers!
  10. Hi folks, I am long-time lurker, first time poster. I have just been accepted to the MA political studies at Queen's University. I am very excited as this is my first choice. However, I am also waiting on hearing back from: McGill MA political science; UofT SPPG; UofT MGA; Concordia MA; and Balsillie MIPP. Originally McGill was my top choice, for obvious reasons, however...my potential supervisor there never responded to my emails and it was my first application so the quality was not as great as the others. I wanted to reach out and get a sense of what the program at Queen's is like. Back in January I got in touch with a professor there and he stated he was interested in being my supervisor. I've been offered a TA/RA-ship...details to be confirmed soon, and a fairly decent funding package. Going forward, I hope/anticipate that I'll pursue one of three things following my MA: 1) Law school. 2) Exec. masters program in IR from an American school [Fletcher, SIPA, SAIS, etc]. 3) Pursuing a PhD. Here are my stats: Undergrad Grades: 77-79 in all four years; 83-85 in last two. Awards: more than a dozen awards in undergrad including honour roll for final two years. Publications: Two published/achieved: history conference, paper competition. Recently awarded/to be presented: graduate history conference, graduate political science conference. 2 others submitted to undergraduate journals. Conferences: Presented at one academic conference, presenting at two more in coming months. Research/Teaching: Worked as an RA for 1 semester; policy researcher for a non-profit organization. 2 semesters of TAing, including one as head TA. Very Enthusiastic reference letters Sorry for the long post, and sorry if it is unclear. I still cannot believe that I've been accepted!!!!!! Cheers! -Sisaidba
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