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  1. Accepted by UIUC and rejected by UPenn, two more to go! It seems that I have to wait longer for hearing from universities in Canada. Probably have to wait until mid-March. I've applied more than one discipline.
  2. Thanks very much @krystasonrisa! Urbana does sound a better place for me to live (checked a lot of info and most peeps recommend Urbana)! Safety is my priority when looking for an apartment. Just wondering is it too late to look for and sign an apartment in August? Since I'm an international student and I'm not likely to visit CU any time earlier than August. Thanks again!
  3. Thanks @DiscoTech! That helps! I'm making a list of those features that are important to me and trying to match it with CU. Most important features: the program itself (very good) and the security issue(?); Quite important features: climate (nice), living expenses (?), public transport (seems nice), political atmosphere(? I care about this quite a bit as an international student, minority and female); Less important features: cafes and restaurants(?), museums and cultural activities(?) I need to do more research on the features I marked "?" about CU. Welcome to comment on these if anybody knows anything! Thanks very much!
  4. Has anybody moved to Champagne-Urbana from a big city? Do you like it? I'm considering taking the offer and moving to Champagne-Urbana, but I do have a concern other than school. I've never lived in a small city/town. My hometown and the cities I had lived in are all very large, vibrant and international cities. I DO like the atmosphere of small cities and towns (relaxing lifestyles and friendly people), but most of my experiences staying in such places were during travels. I'm accepted by a great PhD program at UIUC and I know it's a long journey. It would be very helpful if I can hear some comments from people who have the same experience.
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