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  1. anyone hear from mcgill (clinical psyc) or mun (PsyD) yet ?
  2. uvic and uottawa sent emails and also I checked the applications online and they said rejection/refused
  3. they emailed me, and also it says on my uzone. it was just an automatic email saying a decision has been made.
  4. and second rejection today uottawa ? that was my top choice. good luck to everyone else !!
  5. received my first rejection from uvic, didn't have high hopes for getting in there anyways, no interview. good luck to everyone else who applied there ☺
  6. i also emailed someone about this and i got this back "We have shortlisted several applicants for interviews which are taking place this week. From there offers of admission will be made. All applications remain open until all of our admission spots are filled. All applicants will be notified by April 15 at the latest whether their applications has been accepted or declined"
  7. i just asked a general question regarding students who applied to the clinical program and he just responded with march 6th but also said we could also contact our POI.
  8. emailed someone at concordia. They said they will be notifying students of their application status the week of march 6th. just an fyi for anyone wondering.
  9. have you heard anything from them ? My application still says under review by the department
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