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  1. Thank you for your insight, will definitively look into your suggestions and graduate assistantship/tuition waivers.
  2. Hi Wassup guys! Happy Friday or (or Happy Day)! I hope everyone is enjoying their day. Its acceptance letter season and I am so glad the applying stage is over. Even more happy that I got accepted into the Fordham, Columbia, and Hunter/Bank Street Program Although I am very excited about the prospects of attending any of these programs, I am leaning towards Columbia. However, I have concerns about the costs and loans. Is there a way to leverage my financial aid packages to lower the costs? Or any other approaches to help me lower the costs and loans? Please let
  3. Hi all new and excited to be here I recently applied to several social work grad schools, a very nerve-wracking and exciting process. I successfully got an interview invitation with the director of the Infant & Family Development and Early Intervention Program at Bank Street. I was wondering if any Redditors here may share some tips and tricks to get into this program? Would love to hear social work (children focused) career insight and other general grad school application tips as well, thanks!
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