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  1. Hello! After a long year of applications I've accepted my offer for a PhD in Epidemiology at JHSPH. Haven't found a forum anywhere for accepted/attending JHSPH PhD students to interact. Please feel free to start the conversation or reach out privately if you'd like to speak more. I did have one question- I couldn't attend the admitted students day today, anyone who went willing to share their thoughts? Thanks
  2. Hello! Decided on Hopkins for Public Health, so I'll be near the medical campus rather than undergrad. I've never been to Baltimore before, but have lived in major US cities most of my adult life (NYC, San Francisco) so I understand the usual comments re: don't be an idiot and you'll be fine regarding crime. My question - what neighborhoods would you recommend to look for housing if I care about actual crime, cleanliness of the neighborhood, access to green space, commuter friendly to Hopkins medical campus, and am looking to stick around for 3+ years so aiming for something halfway between a
  3. Columbia Epi is clearly conducting a study of how chronic inflammation related to email-induced stress affects major life decision making ability, and need an extra three weeks.
  4. I called yesterday as I'm also waiting to hear back. They stated we should hear back within the next few days (I'm taking that to mean this week?)
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