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  1. Okay so I am no longer patiently waiting for Loyola Chicago. I just got the "waitlist" email. Actually, It was one of the "your fate has (kinda) been decided" emails that sent me to the portal. I don't know how to feel about ANOTHER waitlist
  2. Sometimes I write profanity in the margins of books/articles I'm reading. I can't take notes on a laptop because I end up on this site or amazon. I have to use a ballpoint pen (black or blue only). I can only use yellow highlighters. My notes from class usually start in print and then transition to cursive.I have recently started writing definitions of words I don't know in the margins of my books/articles. I keep a running tab and then I put them on post it notes on the wall near my writing desk. I buy journals for my "serious" thesis note taking but I never want to mess them up so I go with just a 5 Star 2-3 subject notebook. There are paperclips and flags for the really important stuff. I honestly never realized how insane my notes and books must look to other people.
  3. I wish there was a way to just transfer their acceptance to a specific person. "while I won't be attending your illustrious institution, Jaewoww from thegradcafe.com has been losing sleep over this and would love to attend"
  4. That's AWESOME!!! CONGRATS...now I wait to hear something either way lol
  5. So I have lurked long enough Has anyone heard ANYTHING from Loyola (Chicago)? I only applied to 3 schools (IU Bloomington, Loyola, and Penn State). I have been waitlisted at Penn and accepted at IU. I just need to know so I can stop obsessively checking my email
  6. I'm on that waitlist too!! I know one person who says he was accepted but he also was accepted at Michigan and UC Davis. I need him to make a decision ASAP
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