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  1. hannibal254

    Interdisciplinary Disadvantage for Religious Studies

    Hi all, I have sort of a related question: do students with MAs in Religious Studies stand much chance of being accepted to TT programs in something like History? I'll likely be applying to PhD programs this fall and am finding that the scholars who work on things most closely related to my interests are sort of split between Religious Studies and History; my CV, though, won't really contain any formal training in History. While we're at it, can someone maybe explain to me the practical differences between how one might study a given religious movement at a particular historical moment as a historian vs. how one might study the same thing as a scholar of religion? The idea of "methodological discipline" vs. "categorical discipline" mentioned above is really helpful in thinking about the two fields, but I'm still struggling to think through what that distinction would look like when it comes to research topics and approaches. Or does the difference lie more in what scholars are expected to know outside of their own specific specialties, rather than in how they approach those specialties? Sorry, that's a lot of questions all tied together. I've been doing too much macro-level thinking about what it means to study Religion and am finding myself more and more uncertain... Thanks!
  2. hannibal254

    Choices and Decisions

    Ah hah, I think I found her contact info on the website. I'll give that a shot. Thanks!
  3. hannibal254

    Choices and Decisions

    Finally broke down and made an account to follow up on this. How did you hear from CUA—via email? Or by logging into the Cardinal Station? I was accepted around the same time—but to a master's program—and have been waiting to hear. Do you have any idea if they tend to fund master's programs at all? Thanks for keeping us lurkers in mind and sharing.

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