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  1. I won't let it get me down even though it sucks. I'll keep creating and next year my portfolio will be stronger and I'll have more $ to apply to more schools. But thanks for this. ?
  2. Same dude. We are good enough. There is always next year with more options. Never stop creating. ?❤️?
  3. No news is better than bad news! :) 

  4. :unsure: Anxiously waiting to hear something. Anything. Hoping for a yes of course. :) 

  5. I did! I don't have a page set up specifically for my art yet but you can see it on my instagram. It's under MarlsDarklie
  6. I haven't heard anything either. I haven't seen anyone saying they got in either though. I'm still holding out hope!
  7. Apparently I can only give 5 reputations a day but wanted to say that I really love the double skeleton sculpture!
  8. "Girl with Hair in Her Mouth" is my fave.
  9. "Made Here" is the one that really struck me. Powerful. I really love this.
  10. Feeling anxious and frustrated. I only applied to one school this year due to being at my current unpaid internship and not being able to afford application fees. If I don't get in then I need to figure out where I'm moving to until next year. I keep checking my inbox and application status. I just need to know one way or another. Everyone keeps saying "positive thoughts" but I'm having a hard time at this point. Anyway, just needed to vent to people who get it. Thanks for listening.
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