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  1. Hey thanks, that helps! And sorry to hear about the waitlist... always a bummer (this is my 2nd year applying). Yeah I've taught in the public schools system in my city for a few years before so I'm comfortable teaching. The admissions letter said it would be supervised and I'd be teaching an Art Fundamentals class for non-majors so it should be fairly straight forward. I have a few other close friends that are university art teachers that I could definitely ask for tips as well. Not super important to be tapped into nature, but it's nice to have that around to clear your head or g
  2. Having a hard time deciding on schools for Painting/Drawing. Pretty much got the same offer from all 3 schools including free tuition for all the 3 years: U Iowa, UW Madison and USF with Madison giving slightly more funding (by about $4k/academic year). I'm lucky I have this is my "difficult decision." Both Iowa and Madison are relatively close to Chicago where most of my network is and I've spent a significant amount of time in Tampa visiting family and like the city, am a nature/ocean enthusiast. All the programs seem to be challenging + offer relatively good teaching experience o
  3. I haven't seen UW Madison mentioned here, and not sure if people know that 2020 will be the first year their art program is fully funded, making it the largest funded art program in the US. They're also ranked as the #1 printmaking program in the country I believe. I've toured the school and they have 2 large dedicated buildings for the arts and incredible facilities. I got an email notifying I was admitted today - good luck everyone!
  4. Congrats! If it's GSU, I too got accepted and it was a school I didn't get a chance to visit while applying. I'm making the trip down to Atlanta next week to check it out. It being a 3 year program, tuition remission, a small stipend plus 2 years of teaching experience if you want it is about as good as it's going to get for me. It depends on what your plans are for afterwards, but 3 years to focus on my art in a huge international city without going into considerable debt is a go for me. I'm still going to have to take out some dough for living expenses however. I'll make my decis
  5. Thanks for the update! I haven't heard anything from them at all... They're the last school I'm waiting to hear back from before I make my decision. None of the schools I've gotten accepted to so far asked for an interview either. Good luck! Oregon would be such a cool place to live and make art for 3 years
  6. Yep. I was in Tampa to see family and I had a chance to visit USF meet with some of the current MFA students. They all spoke very highly of the program. There's some really interesting abstract work being made here. The campus is GORGEOUS, very open styled, lots of beautiful spanish moss hanging from the old oak trees. The studios were right in the middle of campus in their own art block and were generous. The facilities like the wood shop were huge and well equipped - and 2/3 years you will have an opportunity to teach undergrad students in entry level classes. . Tampa in general is a peacefu
  7. Got an email today notifying me of admission into UW Madison's MFA program! This is my second year applying to MFA programs after getting straight rejections last year. I'm surprised they didn't ask for an interview..? Stick with it ya'll, hard work pays off. Still waiting to hear back from the other 6 schools I applied to, but I'm incredibly grateful to have gotten into this funded program. Cheering for all of you!
  8. Congrats - when did you submit your application? I visited the campus in the spring of 2018 and it was gorgeous. The studios were decent but they were located literally underneath the stands of the soccer stadium... so when there's home games it gets loud down there. I submitted pretty close to the deadline, hoping to hear back from them soon.
  9. Wow, Oregon is really making the rounds this year. Looks like an amazing program and great part of the country for focus to complete a 3 year degree. I too applied good luck!
  10. I'm always jotting down little pieces of thought while I'm working in the studio, over the years this has more or less become my statement. Make sure you include reference to faculty and why you want to attend each school. Read lots of interviews with artists you get inspiration from.
  11. Congrats! I also got a grad packet from them in the mail yesterday. Still waiting to hear back.
  12. I called USF today to ask about the applications and they told me they are still reviewing this week and I should expect to hear back from them by the end of the month with their decision either way.
  13. ? - still waiting to hear back from UCLA, UCSB and USF!! REJECTED Yale
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