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  1. McMaster and York results F17

    I am also an applicant in Mcmaster for MS CS, I called them to inquire about my status, and they told me that if I have not received rejection, that means the application is eligible for admission, but is sitting there due to unavailability of positions. He also suggest me to talk to professors individually.
  2. Reject from Waterloo and Victoria. Seems like end is near now. Still waiting for Calgary and McMaster.
  3. Well, That didn't end good. Got an email from that professor starting "Unfortunately...."
  4. I only see 2 rejects, but someone said it was a mass one. Well anyone here who can tell what does it means when a professor, who took interview more than a month ago, suddenly removes from skype?
  5. Congratulations dude, can you tell about your profile?
  6. I did not apply there so cant tell anything about it. Sorry and best of luck mate
  7. Another day went to drain waiting
  8. There is no harm doing that I guess.
  9. Deters and Jamali are full this session, specifically Jamali, all of his positions are committed. Most probably they will look for more in Jan2018 session. A friend of mine got acceptance under him in jan2017 session.
  10. Can you name them here? maybe I help you with some information.
  11. By the interactions I had with professors and gwen, I came to a conclusion that firstly they pass all of the applications through initial scrutiny where a committee judges each application for standards and requirements, then they are given to the potential supervisors to make final decisions. Looking at your response seems that your application has successfully gone through the first phase but no faculty member has put their commitment on you. So its better to email your potential supervisors asking their support. Best of luck
  12. Seems like waterloo is actively sending out responses today, heard about some rejections, and there is an acceptance on results section as well. Anyone know whats happening there?
  13. Not admission, but got rejection from Saskatchewan. I inquired about my application status and in reply they sent this. "I am writing to inform you that the Graduate Admissions Committee has made its decisions concerning graduate admissions for September 2017. Unfortunately, you are not on the admission list."
  14. Heart skipped a beat when quest didn't logged in. Then read the error and realized it closes on Wednesdays 7-8 AM for maintenance.
  15. I agree,, I have been checking the quest at the rate my employer might soon blacklist it .. ..