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  1. Even I didn't get the interview call. I hope, that no-interview doesnot affect our chances for MPA, but seems like the only person in this forum who has received an acceptanc, so far- Mr. dash, was interviewed in Feb. It would be a surprise, and not a pleasant one, if rejected without an interview.
  2. Seems about right! I think they will release the MPA notifications separately, probably in the coming week (just a guess).
  3. Sure, working in Kashmir as Prime Minister's fellow for last three years. I have more than six years of experience. An engineer by qualification. Would you kindly share yours? I am surprised that I didn't even get the interview call from the institute.
  4. I wish you the best and sincerely hope you qualify. I got the MPA, 1/3rd funding.
  5. Certainly! Did you apply for other schools as well?
  6. Not necessarily, as per the communication posted in the forum "Please be informed that we are in the midst of processing the applications. If you are required to attend an interview, you will be informed via email between February and March. Otherwise, the final outcome of the admissions and scholarships will be released to the applicants between April and May. Do note that not all selected candidates are required to attend admissions interview."
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