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  1. @sturdyelm - Really great info. Thank you for all of that. @aaresident - That's awesome you're considering the joint degree route with a MSW. My significant other is currently at Columbia for her MSW and I think she's sort of regretting not applying to Michigan as I've raved about the school nonstop since September (and they have a really great MSW program). @turkish coffee - I completely agree with your response to @sturdyelm. I found a couple of current Fordies via social media sleuthing and talked with them. They all said the same thing re: ton of money to give away after matricul
  2. I got my call last night as well but I was away from my phone. I've been texting with them today and plan to talk soon. I'll let you know how the conversation goes.
  3. Who all is for sure attending Ford School? Who is attending Spring Preview?
  4. For whatever it's worth - I called the admissions office and was told, "one way or another, you should hear a decision today". That doesn't seem to be consistent with data from previous cycles, but maybe they're doing things a little different this year? I specifically asked about the MPP program.
  5. @cherrycola - That's what it appears is happening and has happened in previous years. I really hope I hear something today.
  6. Congrats you three that is incredibly exciting!!! Now I'll be refreshing my email every 30 seconds at work until I find something out. Did anything change on your Wolverine Access page?
  7. Great work TC!!! Good luck to everyone tomorrow.
  8. I have a gut feeling we'll get admission decisions tomorrow or Wednesday.
  9. You say you had a horrible GPA/GRE - care to give specific numbers? Where'd you apply both years and where'd you get in this cycle?
  10. It seems like they are going to be sending out decisions later this year than they have the past two years. Last year was the 7th and the year before that I believe it was the 13th/14th. I have called their office multiple times over the past three weeks and they just keep saying, "we should be releasing decisions within the next few weeks".
  11. Did anyone receive an email about fellowship funding or have an informal interview via phone? I did not and haven't heard of anyone getting one this cycle, but I ask because it looks like that is what happened in the past two years.
  12. I think you're right. Last years first decision was reported on March 7th, which is tomorrow. I just called the admissions office but they were very ambiguous.
  13. That's unfortunate. I did it as well and exchanged a handful of emails, talked on the phone maybe 2-3 times for a total of 90 minutes, and she read my essays to make sure it looked okay. I plan on reaching out to her after I receive my admission decision to let her know how I did.
  14. It's funny because I reached out to a handful of students as well and had the same experience. Did anyone do the Pipeline Initiative?
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