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  1. Finally admitted into GSPIA! Still haven't received an email but my status updated on my admission file. Question for people who received an admission scholarship: I've received one for $6000 per year, paid in installments of $2000 dollars each term (Fall, Winter, and Spring/Summer). Under the conditions of the scholarship it says I need to be registered full-time every term for the duration of the scholarship. Does this really mean I need to be registered full-time and paying fees over the summer or is it just worded strangely? Did anyone else have this issue?
  2. I sent an email to Elysha Daya yesterday and she got back to me super quickly. The reply said "All funding offers have been sent out to successful applicants. If you did not receive a funding offer, it means that the admissions committee was unable to offer you funding at this time." It's too bad because Munk sounds super appealing but I can't justify going there without funding when other schools have been pretty generous.
  3. Hi all, Just confirmed that I won't be receiving any funding from Munk, so for those of you on the wait list another spot should be opening up soon!
  4. My status updated to Under Evaluation just a few days ago despite having sent in my documents in December. I called today to ask about a timeline for acceptance and mentioned that I needed to respond to other offers soon. The person on the phone couldn't give me any indication of when I would hear back from them and didn't even ask for my name or anything. I've been super unimpressed with GSPIA during this whole process and it has really made me reconsider my desire to go there, which is too bad since I know they are meant to have a great program. But anyways, you are not alone haha.
  5. Have any of the people that were accepted into Munk and were told via email that they would be contacted later if they were to receive an MGA scholarship heard anything back?
  6. I'm having the same issue as you are. I just got off the phone with someone at NPSIA who told me that the fields of Intelligence, Conflict Analysis, and one more (Security and Defence Studies?) are already overly full so she said it was "extremely difficult" to switch into them and gave no indication of how it would be possible. If it's something else that you wanted to move into though then it may be ok! According to this (https://npsiasa.wordpress.com/faqs-for-new-students/) it says that you should contact Tabbatha Malouin in order to discuss changes. I called her number but ended up talking to Patricia instead. Good luck!
  7. I was offered 12k for the 1st year and an additional 8k for the 2nd based on academic performance. I got the initial acceptance email on March 1st but the scholarship info didn't come until the 7th so your may still be on its way. I'm likely going to turn down the offer mainly because the program is still so much more expensive than the others even with that funding. Good luck!
  8. Hi all, Just found this forum! So far I've been accepted into the MPPGA program at UBC, BSIA, and NPSIA. Still waiting anxiously on GSPIA and Munk. I just got off the phone with someone from GSPIA (Nancy?) since they still haven't received all of my documents. She said that there are still a lot of people in the same boat so, if anyone is worried about that, you're not alone! She also said it would not affect the possibility of receiving first round admissions, so I'm not sure what kind of timeline there is on that. Also, I saw some people were worrying about taking a course in French at GSPIA. I have a friend in his first year there right now with absolutely no French background at all. He still needs to enroll in a French class and attend it, but he is allowed to read English equivalents of the textbooks and write his tests in French. As far as I know there are only a couple of people like him in the program, but it is possible.
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