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  1. Hey. Yeah, just checked and my status has been changed to decision made... Not sure if that is good news or bad news. The same for you?
  2. Is anybody else planning to do it through Athabasca online over the summer? I hate that its a thing I have to try to squeeze into my summer but I definitely don't want to be stuck overloading in September
  3. Hey all, I got the waitlist notification from Munk as well. Damn. Well, it looks like I'll be going to NPSIA since they offered me decent money and its still an amazing school. I notice that there is a facebook page going around for future Munk students... Does anybody know of something similar for NPSIA? Or should we start one to discuss things like courses, internships, places to live in Ottawa, etc.?? Congrats to everybody on acceptances so far!
  4. God if it takes until the first week of April for them to get their shit together I may just get a hernia... lol
  5. I'm in the same boat... maybe they are just taking time and going down their list manually, one candidate at a time. It's also possible that we just aren't first round candidates since we haven't been rejected yet either? Hope it's the former and not the latter!
  6. Is the SSHRC portable? I thought it was tied to the school that selected me for the award... and if it is portable how would I transfer it?
  7. Hey guys, Long time lurker / first time poster. Do you think I would be crazy to turn down a SSHRC scholarship for a normal MA program in favour of attending NPSIA (with 22,500 funding)??? Don't know what to do!
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