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  1. Huge congrats. Vancouver's a darned great place. On a side note, I do agree that having nothing is certainly better than a rejection. But people (or maybe it's just me) tend to just sit around and "hope" for admission. Where we should be making plans for the sensibly possible outcome of getting rejected, and instead sorta brush the thought of rejection aside because it's too unpleasant.
  2. Hi. Yes ofcourse. It's Mcgill.
  3. Exactly as it sounds: they're still reviewing. You can call and ask them about your status.
  4. I checked up on them. They're not. What they told me about my application was that it is waiting for one more review and it would probably be ready for next week. They sound really tired though.
  5. No man. We can't stay in this bubble any more. You shouldn't either.
  6. Sorry about that @guitarHeroAn.
  7. Lol. Same thing happened with me.
  8. Can't believe we gotta wait for another week.
  9. Nope. Waterloo and Mcgill. I thought something's gonna happen today. But still nothing.
  10. Same here. I just can't believe it took so long.
  11. The prof at Waterloo is pretty cool though.
  12. Nope, I missed Alberta and UBC(ECE, though that's an interesting story in itself). Waiting for Waterloo and Mcgill. Though I gotta say, Waterloo seems sort of like a "slow" school (I know the statistics say otherwise) to me. I'd much prefer Mcgill. Though maybe that's just my location bias talking.
  13. I have the impression the same goes for Mcgill and Waterloo. Don't you think?
  14. Looks like you were right. I've started making plans for the less desirable scenario (of being rejected).
  15. Looks like you're probably right. I got a reply along these lines from the email I sent Mcgill last week: There are too many applicants. We hope to have decisions by the end of April.