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  1. I was accepted into the MA/C program (Single Subject English). Is anyone else going to say "yes" to this program or any program at UCSC?
  2. I applied to UC Santa Cruz. What program did you apply for?
  3. Hi! I applied for the MA/C program. I'm seeking a Single Subject English credential. Have you heard from Santa Cruz?
  4. Hi! I was accepted into a prestigious education program which admits 70-75 every year. I am currently an undergrad at a really laid-back and casual school in Northern California and I am not someone who has a lot of extra money to spend on material things. That being said, I do want to fit in with my new classmates and I want to show them that while I may be young (I was told that I am one of the younger students who was accepted) I belong as much as they do. My main question is whether or not I need to invest on newer, more adult-like clothing for class? I know that while I do my student teac
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