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  1. I did! Also how do we accept the award?
  2. Honestly that's a great game! It would be a good distraction!
  3. yeah I wouldnt worry yet, my partner won a vanier, so one would reasonabley expect him to win a SSHRC (tho things do happen?) and he hasnt received any emails yet
  4. now we just need the link to the extranet lol
  5. I'm not so sure that it will be emailed based on SSHRC's tweet below:
  6. Haha I didnt post about it but I did get in yesterday, so thanks! Im very excited!
  7. York is really about what you make of it. There are a few people I know who've finished their PhDs and gotten multiple offers from very very good schools in the states, and there are others who dont ( also striking every few years means there are a few more obstacles to contend with).
  8. I think they should have results out soon. I talked to someone there recently and they said the committee would be communicating results in the next two weeks.
  9. Hi, that was my partner who received an interview and it was in human geo. Hope that's helpful
  10. Ah okay. Well that sucks. But thanks for letting me know.
  11. Yeah, its very odd. I dont know. I am just gonna go straight into denial and pretend maybe there's still a shot or not everyone's been contacted. Someone also posted right before that (who I assume is the same person) about getting an interview from UC Santa Cruz Feminist Studies, which I didn't think did interviews, so its all a bit odd.
  12. I don't know about that, but I saw that too. Since that person said Rutgers would be getting back to people by mid-end of February, it sounds like no (or at least I want to believe no).
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