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  1. I am an international student and am applying for MS in Computer Science, Fall 2017. Till now, I've got only 1 admission letter, which is from UIC. I expected to get another one from ASU. So I mailed them (both the university and the department) last week and they replied that it's still under review and that they expect to make admission decisions till the end of May. Nothing was mentioned about wait-listing and rejection. Now, my question is, should I wait for their letter? The deadline for UIC is May 15th and I'm already getting fidgety. I have to arrange for a student loan, housing, accommodations, resigning from job, packing, visa and all that stuff. So I accept the letter from UIC and not wait for one from ASU (despite my high hopes of getting in)? Has ASU already made their decisions?
  2. I didn't see a thread for UIC, Fall 2017. So I made one. I will be taking admission for MS In Computer Science and as an international student, thought it would be nice if I knew someone there before I actually arrived there. In short, Hi all my future university mates!
  3. So, I will most probably be going to UIC (University of Illinois, Chicago) for my MS in CS. And keep in mind that I am an international student. So, I have some questions like: - Is On-Campus housing good or should I look for Off-Campus? -What about part-time jobs? The I 20 says that it would be preferable if they were related to my studies. In any case, I want to know what I can expect job-wise. As an international student, I am already taking student loans for my university fees and expect to work for my daily expenses. -Any accommodation in near-by areas? I'd need a place to stay while looking for/moving in when I just reach there. Any places people would recommend? -What do the professor's there expect me to know? Do they expect me to already know what 'field' they work in or for me to just come up and say 'I want to work in xyz field and I know you also work in that.' Before choosing a professor to work for, I want to at least know them in person... - What should I bring? What 'supplies' are necessary for my first year of grad school? A general list kind of thing. - Is there anything I have missed/ not thought about aside from the above mentioned points? Also, - Is anyone else here also going for UIC? Any department will do... It will be nice if I already knew someone there but my first day.
  4. Same. Though I know its very competitive in Computer Science, I have only received 1 acceptance letter and a few rejection letters. Still, the 3-4 good schools that I was sure I'll get into have not replied yet. It just says that the application is awaiting decision. BTW, I am applying for MS in Computer Science and the one's that I am waiting for are from ASU, TAMU, USC, Purdue and Penn. Anyone got any idea when the letters from these will come? Is it that all admission acceptance letters for these schools are out and the only one's left are the rejected ones? It makes me worry a lot...
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