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  1. Congrats! Hope you have a nice one!
  2. What's your research area? Any chance you're interested in working with Baldassarri?
  3. Inti

    UCSD's Open House

    Anyone attending?
  4. Any applicants from Fulbright / IIE ? Is there a way to see the results for yourself? Or do you have to wait for the State Department to contact you?
  5. Anyone can claim the Stanford acceptance?
  6. I'll be the first to say that these are only "guestimates": notification dates do vary year to year, as application submission dates do.
  7. Just a PSA: I tracked last years notification dates for my programs. Maybe you could do the same for others. Hope it helps with the anxiety! Berkeley Jan-24 Stanford Jan-31 Irvine Feb-1 Maryland Feb-7 Duke Feb-7 Yale Feb-10 Columbia Feb-11 NYU Feb-12 Harvard Feb-14 San Diego Feb-16 Princeton Feb-23 Good luck everyone! Congrats to everyone already admitted!

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