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  1. KAUST Fall 2017 Application

    @Student X oh That's disappointing! Their admission procedure is indeed very mysterious. I hope you'll have many more better opportunities ahead of you. Thank you for the information. All the best to you too
  2. Masdar fall 2017

    Ohkay I get it! Nope. It was just labeled as "Identification form (for GCC)"and it asked me details such as the passport and visa, family details and it consisted of two full pages. I was asked to attach a copy of my passport and a photo.
  3. Masdar fall 2017

    There were two forms actually. Just as you've said. And I haven't received any notification. When I mailed them. They said I'm still under review. GPA (3.8) GRE (315, quants 161)
  4. KAUST Fall 2017 Application

    Student X I believe that you did not have your interview taken on the basis that you've already interned at Kaust and the faculty is ready to sponsor you. I hope you make it! As for the admissions office response, yes they do give very vague replies as I've experienced it too. Can you please brief me on your vsrp procedure. I initially applied for a masters in applied mathematics fall 2017. But they've transferred my application to Spring 2018 and do not answer my question to the point when asked why.
  5. Masdar fall 2017

    Hi there! I had applied for MS in Engineering systems and management in the month of May. I received a follow up mail asking me to fill in an identification form and I did so. It's been 2-3 weeks since then and I haven't received any reply! As the fall semester will be starting in a month and many of you have had interviews taken. Do you think this could be a negative sign that I was not asked for an interview?