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  1. This may be late to the game, but for the record... At YDS, you can take up half of your total course credits downtown, which averages out to 2 downtown/2 divinity classes a semester. Also, I don't know how HDS is, but at YDS, it's really easy to take downtown classes in other departments- you just have to get a piece of paper signed. As far as the course plan sheets for the MARc, my experience that it's more of a formality and advisers are pretty good about helping you get what you need for your PhD program of choice
  2. I'm in a humanities field, but I took a year off between my undergrad from a small university and my master's. I honestly did nothing productive or related to my field (I worked retail and in a coffee shop) and I got into 3/4 of my top schools. I knew I wasn't ready for grad school- I was exhausted and worn out after working so hard in undergrad. I absolutely needed the gap year to be ready and to be excited for my master's. your application will reflect your desire regardless.
  3. I feel similarly about goals in this field, but I'm currently struggling with trying to find the right program fit that will make achieving those goals a good experience rather than a soul-sucking one. What do you like about Brown's program? I visited Brown for a mini conference, and I was surprised that I didn't really feel comfortable with the culture there. MstarTheology's input is interesting to me, because I was unable to visit any preview days for any of the grad schools I applied to, so I didn't get the sense for community quite like that. But I imagine that most professors wou
  4. I believe John Collins usually sits on the board of admissions at YDS, though last year it was Joel Baden. I'm not sure exactly what the criteria is for getting into YDS, or what the exact connection is between faculty and applications, but I assume there is a great deal of emphasis on your statement of purpose and writing sample. I was accepted to YDS for a concentrated MAR with a BA from a small, private, liberal arts college with a degree in biblical studies. When I applied I had 2 years Spanish/1 year Koine/2 years Biblical Hebrew and a graduated with honors. I also took a year off be
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