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  1. It seems like last year they released decisions around the 18th of February. But the year prior it was early March. If I had to guess, I'd say we should hear by the end of next week.
  2. I think I was just getting at making an application that removes the guess work so that we are both imaginable and admitable. In my own case, that just means working with someone, either a professor or a current American Studies PhD candidate to gage what goes into a successful application. I think feedback is definitely an element I could've used to make a stronger application.
  3. As a current MA student at Yale, all I can say from my experience with PhD students here is that the faculty are doing their best guess work with our files and unfortunately some who get by that guess work just suck as students. It's not good for all involved, but many also are also wonderful. Best guess, at places like Yale leave a lot of room for an imagined student body. What might we do to make that less the case?
  4. Yale has made their decisions already. I did not get in.
  5. does anyone know if Princeton University "officially" interviews for their Religion program?
  6. I'm applying to People, Equity and the Environment MEM. I am completing another degree at Yale with an environmental focus so I hope it helps.
  7. I just completed my interview. The questions are not extremely taxing. I believe they randomize the questions, so knowing specific questions won't help you. Having a pen and paper handy to structure your thoughts as you speak is helpful.
  8. When I was a graduate student at Georgetown they had a free program available to MA/PhD students who were interested in a certificate/non-certificate training on teaching theory and practice. I think it was a great asset. I took a number of the workshops but I didn't complete the teaching tasks for a formal certificate/transcript notation. That flexibility was something that encouraged more graduate students to participate. https://cndls.georgetown.edu/atprogram/
  9. Makes me sad, the application season is over now. No more comments. I look forward to meeting fellow MAR candidates at Yale at the end of August. I'll be likely be doing some low-paying grunt work over the summer but knowing where I'll be makes that all A-OK. See you soon, Hoya Saxa
  10. I tried accepting the offer at YDS already and got an error. I keep thinking they made some mistake so I want to confirm before they can take it back. I'm still unsure if I'll go to the admitted student day. I'd likely fly in through New York and take the train to New Haven union station if I do.
  11. It will say "Status Update" with a date and a hyperlink in blue that will take you to your decision letter. I applied and was rejected before and I have been reviewing that letter a lot lately. It's identical to HDS's software if you have applied there also.
  12. I applied to the Religion and Ecology concentration at Yale. I'm Native American and grew up in a syncretic religious environment with grandparents who practised Catholicism and yet still maintained their indigenous beliefs regarding the spirit world and nature. My father is also a shaman who uses his understanding of both nature and the spirit world to help heal members of his Indian Reservation. The relationship between nature and spirituality in many different religious traditions is interesting and I thought my own experiences and interest in developing the theoretical background could help drive me towards further research in the area at the Ph.D level. I have no expectation of getting in, so an acceptance would be spectacular.
  13. I applied previously in 2013 and we were notified by HDS on March 13, 2013. The trend seems to indicate later notification dates in following years. As a second time applicant, I am very much anticipating and dreading decision day here and at YDS.
  14. I'm pretty sure it's just a generic email. The aim is likely designed to reduce incoming email traffic and phone calls HDS may receive from eager applicants. I think it's likely worth the time to listen in. I found the previous personal statement/applicant webinar very helpful. As nice as an early "heads-up" would be, I think we're all likely going to find out at around the same time in mid-March.
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