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  1. @Aspiring2BinSocialWork I'm actually about to start my final year so it's been a while since my first semester I really enjoyed my online program because they do try hard to be as accessible as a campus program, which I love. Part-time does not mean less work necessarily, but if you are a self-starter you will learn some great time management skills. Last year, I worked a full time job that incorporated my foundation placement internship and I had classes and I rarely felt overwhelmed unless I fell behind. The professors are great for helping new students figure out their schedule too. The classes are all broken down into weekly units too so it's extremely difficult to fall behind.
  2. @priya365 Yeah! I had a little background already and graduated with a BA in psych. That wasn't enough to qualify me for the human service or advanced track so you'd likely be in a similar structure as myself. The application was extremely easy and straight forward. I spent a good amount of time on my essay and had people from all backgrounds review it (make sure you have at least one person in the field look at it, even if they are a life coach or general advisor). There are tons of people in the program who are getting their masters for a career change or going in with no experience, so you'll be just fine!
  3. @crarymia I'm suggesting that there are a lot of students in my area, so in order to get a placement there is some competition and hoping that your placement semester starts at a transition time for the agency you are looking for. Boston University only has three online students in my area and that's including Broward and Palm Beach counties. I haven't run into any problems.
  4. Firstly, check if your school has a deferment option should you choose to work your butt off and make more money for savings before you enroll in school. That will help you know what timeline you are working with to take some stress off your shoulders and evaluate what needs come before you getting your advanced degree. For example, it might make sense to pick up some extra time at your current job or pick up a smaller high paying job on the side for 6 months to bring up your savings (I'm thinking maybe tutoring if you can find one that pays $20/hr or nanny-ing). Certainly not glamorous, but less stressful than figuring out how to add 40 hours of work into a PACKED schedule. My honest outsiders perspective (I do not know you, your boyfriend, or your parents): if you are passionate about getting your masters and want it to happen sooner than later, then staying at your parents for those two years will be worth it. Remove the stress that you don't have to take on. If your boyfriend is understanding of the pressure and money it takes to move while studying, he'll be there when you graduate ready to move forward with you. Prioritize your goals and take some deep breaths!
  5. I'm an online student with Boston! I wish I saw this earlier (I literally signed up for this forum today) Good luck! The work is challenging but rewarding in my opinion. Self care! Self care! Self care! Learn how to say no and set boundaries for yourself. Did you plan on reading a book that night? Do it. Did you sign up for a gym class? Keep up with it. That's how social workers take care of themselves.
  6. I'm currently attending the online MSW with Boston University. I am one of three students in the south Florida area so getting my placement was rather difficult, but if you find that there are other students in specific programs living in your area, that will help your ability to score a good placement. I will never have to tell anyone that my program is online (my transcript and degree will not state it), but it hasn't been met with any negativity. The most common response I get is "How do you manage your time being an online student?"-- it shows self-motivation. I do compete with other MSW students down here (Barry University, Florida Atlantic and some others) but I'm in a big city and am close to other urban areas so the opportunities are plentiful. I have not had any problems with competition personally (I also could've applied to programs at those schools specifically such as the Florida Atlantic University counseling center).
  7. I attended undergrad at UMich for my BA in psychology and I am currently in Boston's online MSW program. Both schools are fantastic, but I would have to lean towards Michigan. It's ranked for a reason and the research and placement opportunities there are phenomenal. The professors are the best and are incredibly inviting and open to their students. Boston is great (unfortunately, I only have the online experience) but some of my professors have been slightly off putting to put it best. Do your research on course programs as well. and Go Blue!
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