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  1. I am starting this thread for those interested in discussing the future of the field of comparative literature. Here are some possible topics: Is it a dying field? If so, will its members be absorbed into English, language departments, etc.? Is it growing? If so, where and how? How is the job market? E.g. I have heard the market is terrible for women, but men are finding positions in comp/lit, English, and language departments. Can anyone confirm/deny this rumor? Looking forward to hearing your perspectives.
  2. Thank you so much for these responses. JessicaLange--I got buried in school and applications. I need one more school, so I'll check out IU Bloomington. And if I don't get in this round of apps, I'm applying to comp/lit programs. But I'll check out gender studies/theatre as well. chalkdust--I follow Lacan. Since I wrote this post I've become interest in the language of traumatized characters in theater and how language engages the unconscious.
  3. Hello lovely people, Anyone know of English literature scholars or programs interested in avant-garde and radical drama? Anything from Artaud, Beckett, and Brecht to more contemporary playwrights like Joan Brossa and Susan-Lori Parks. I am most interested in finding a program with a strong emphasis on theory (especially psychoanalysis and contemporary Marxism). The programs currently on my list include Boston University, Washington University in St. Louis, Pennsylvania State, Columbia University, Rutgers, University of Illinois at Chicago, Purdue, University of
  4. U of Utah has a strong Rhet/Comp program with people doing crowd theory/propaganda stuff.
  5. Does anyone know which flagship schools have a really strong emphasis on theory/cultural studies? I'm only a literature person via my interest in theory. Specifically Foucault, Derrida, Lyotard, Frankfurt School of Marxism, Zizek, and/or Jodi Dean. I have yet to find one bio of someone saying they are an expert on foucault...
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