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  1. @MadamDirector thank you so much! Had about a half a day where I was really disappointed but then remembered how great I felt after the Central interview and got so excited! Fingers crossed for everyone still going!
  2. I'm back and done! I heard back from my final school- it was a no. I was sad initially, but there was some wording in the 'no thanks' email that kind of put a sour taste in my mouth (don't want to get too specific but it included some things that were some pretty big misrepresentations of what I had said as one of their reasons), which in turn kind of lessened the blow. I am super excited to where I am going, however! I walked out of that interview in December having felt challenged and engaged and like I could do really great work there. Because they work of rolling acceptances, I
  3. @E. Karenina Congrats, that's awesome!! WOOOOO
  4. @MadamDirector Congrats! That is great to hear- hope you go and celebrate! I've just finished up my final interview weekend. They said we'd hear back by the end of this week (ahh) so I know I will be obsessively refreshing my emails until then. But will be happy, as I'll finally know where I'll be then and can stop worrying! Best of luck to everyone and fingers crossed!
  5. Congrats everyone! Sorry for the long absence, I've been lurking and following this thread, but realized I haven't posted anything since November!! @Squidpunk that's awesome! Were you there the whole weekend at Columbia/ did you get a chance to see any student shows? I was there by chance seeing a show my friend wrote and directed as part of the playwriting MFA. I touched on this before, but I'm only applying to UK schools so the process has been a bit different for me, but it's so cool so see the differences and similarities in both applications and interviews! I've been o
  6. Hey guys! Just checking in. I've submitted all of my applications, and interviewed at 3/5. Got another interview coming up on the 12th, and been doing some audition coaching as well so it's been getting pretty busy. How's the process been for you guys?
  7. Hello! This will be my first time applying for directing programs, although I do also have an MA in acting! I'm applying for programs in the UK- MFAs at Birkbeck and East 15 and MAs at Guildford School of Acting and Mountview. I'm also applying for courses in Training Actors at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and Guildhall. If I were to get accepted at/ go for the MA options I'd then be applying for a PhD as I have a keen interest in teaching as well! I'm visiting everywhere in September and October and have some meetings lined up with course leaders, which I'm very excited
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