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  1. Committed to Columbia Metabolism! Ayyyyyye thanks for everyone’s help along the way! It’s definitely more harder than I thought as being an international student. But I guess I am lucky enough this year, I’m more than grateful to get in Columbia and start my new journey!!!
  2. Got the informal acceptance at UChicago CMMN program! Still waiting on Columbia and Tufts but boy am I excited!!!!
  3. First of all, a thank you for your advice!!! I was quite nervous during the interview, but they were not as cut-throat as I thought, that was reassuring. I do know that due to our nationality, its nearly impossible to get fundings from the NIH, but I will try my best to make a good impressive during the other 2 upcoming interviews at Columbia and Uchicago! I have prepared many answers for all sorts of questions but when I was on the spot, my brain just shut down and I started to throw answers from the top of my head....guess its how it went. Also thanks for your advice on dressing for Uchicago! I will plan to bring a second pair of dress shoes just in case! I hope you get your dream offer Jacqueline! Best of luck!!!
  4. Just finished interview with Tufts, everything went well and normal. They said I am a good fit for the program, but the only issue with my application is funding. Since I am an international student the stipend or scholarship will be very limited. Does that mean I am automatically out? I am from China if that helps with the situation, I just don't have a green card. Anyone who applied to Tufts experiencing the same concerns? Thanks yall.
  5. So my interviews are approaching and I’m worrying sick about my prep. Just wondering for Uchicago and Columbia biomedical cluster PhD, what kind of person will get rejected after interview? I sure don’t want to screw things up but yet to know what things I should definitely avoid......thanks fellas
  6. I am keeping your words as my mascot and hopefully my interviewers will say they'd also be "thrilled" to have me in the program! I am having 3 interviews this months and none of them have happened yet, nerve rocking 24/7 until the day comes.....Finger crossed for you!
  7. Rejection from UCLA molecular, cellular, integrative physiology just came...damn
  8. Interviews from Tufts Friedman School Of Nutrition Science And Policy are rolling out this week (all through Skype), good luck to anyone who applied there!
  9. Any news from Tufts Friedman School Of Nutrition Science And Policy?
  10. If we still didn't hear back from certain programs, can we interpret that as we are on "Waitlist"? or they are just too busy to update and hand me the rejections...Been waiting to hear back from Harvard BPH for a long time already...
  11. My interview at Columbia is at 2/16 and thats the only choice I got, hope it helps
  12. For BU PIBS, the PI replied as they still actively going through applications and it will extend to next week (prob to the end of next week) for all departments, so sit tight and finger crossed!
  13. I am asking one of the PI at BU PIBS, and he is seeking answers currently too. ill keep you updated
  14. Is Boston Universiry PIBS done sending out invites? Man am I nervous
  15. I got an invitation from Uchicago before Christmas and filled out the form 3 times just in case the form didn't get through...then I sent another personal email to confirm that they have received my form, they replied quickly..So if you are worrying please send them an email and ask if they have received your form, they will be glad to confirm with you I believe, cause it shows a lot of your enthusiasm towards their program isn't it?
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