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  1. Comps is a problem for me. The Econ MA is really an applied programme, catered to professionals, and I know how painful Econ comps are from interacting with PhD Econ yr1 grads in my grad school. And if they have it bad in Asia, god knows how tough comps will be in US, even for a mid-tier programme. Personally, am inclined to use Econ analysis in research, but am attracted by the interdisciplinary aspect of PPolicy as I do find that political concerns are an understudied issue in Econ, but studied in greater detail in PPolicy. It is very likely that I will still stay around in industry/think tank work myself. Appreciate your comments. Keep them coming.
  2. First post here, hope to use some good advice Program: PhD in Public Policy/Public Administration Schools Applying To: UChicago Harris PhD, UGeorgia PA, Duke Public Policy PhD, Georgetown PhD Govt (joint MPP), Syracuse Maxwell Policy PhD, USC Sol Price Policy PhD Interests: Long-term policy planning, impact of policy uncertainty, sustainability and impact of independent fiscal institutions. It would depend highly on the interests of the schools. Undergrad Institution: University of London International Programme Undergraduate GPA: NA, Upper second-class honours Undergraduate Major: Economics Graduate Institution: Top 3 Singapore University Graduate GPA: 3.64/4 Graduate Major: Masters in Applied Economics GRE: Q162, V161, AWA 4.0 TOEFL: 111 Quantitative Courses: Graduate Econometrics (A), Topics in Advanced Econometrics (A-), Undergrad Math and Stats (Cs under the British system, but here's hoping the grad should make up for it) Years of Work Experience: 3 years, 2 in private, 1 year doing 2 RA jobs, both in policy work. Age: 30 Languages: English and Mandarin, fluent. Work Experience: Two years in private sector that did research projects on SMEs and startups under the advisory of Ministries. One year university-affiliated policy think tank RA, working with firm data. one year policy work on research LORs: 1 from Master's prof under whom I studied 3 modules with, a former IMF Deputy Director, and with whom I have kept regular contact. 1 from my policy think tank whom I collaborated with on scrutinizing feasbility of databases . Probably another professor from my Master's whom I know quite closely. Concerns: Been doing a gap year to decide whether a PhD is right for me, and my Economics concentration is a concern for a broader policy PhD, but know that my math is too weak for a Econ PhD. Also concerned about the value proposition of going to a non-top five school. I was told, even as an international student, that the more prestigious schools will help get me placed in major think tanks/academia positions better. Also, I've yet to move out of Singapore before. I wonder if some level of East Asia expertise is an innate advantage and do I need to make the case for that in my cover letter?
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