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  1. sugiku_

    New York, NY

    Hi Isma93! Thank you for the response, and messaged you!
  2. sugiku_

    New York, NY

    Hi everyone, Sorry for the redundant question, but I'm having trouble getting housing - I'm admitted to Pratt Institute in the Fall and has already tried to find housing in Gypsy Housing but still no luck. Anyone have any tips or other sources for affordable room? I'm moving to NYC this August and already frustrated due to the difficulty in securing a place near Manhattan (Brooklyn & Jersey City).
  3. Hey all! I applied for a mix of MFA, MS and MPS. Field/Program: Design Management Schools: Pratt Institute, Savannah College of Art and Design, The New School Status: Accepted into Savannah last week, went into 2nd interview with Pratt but they bailed on that, so waiting for a new schedule (If anyone has advice on what I should do other than emailing them non-stop please let me know!), and haven't heard back from The New School since ever.
  4. sugiku_

    MFA 2018 All Art ADMISSIONS freak-out forum!!!!!!!!

    so: SCAD: ? The New School: haven't heard back Pratt: they said they'll be having a second interview with me yesterday but I waited for 90 minutes nothing comes up and I have to be elsewhere after that. Anyone have any experience with the interviewer bailing on a scheduled interview without explanation like this? Any advice?
  5. sugiku_

    MFA 2018 All Art ADMISSIONS freak-out forum!!!!!!!!

    hey all! so, i am applying to: SCAD Design Management MFA The New School Strategic Design & Management MS Pratt Design Management MPS Pratt just contacted me regarding the interview. Is the interview schedule around the similar time or is it differs greatly for different universities? Please advise

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