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  1. UNC biostats PhD funding?

    Hi I guess we are on the same boat. International student still waiting for funding right now. UNC biostat is not only one of my top choices but also the only phd offer I have got, so it is really stressful waiting for the funding info.
  2. Thank you so much for your info! Did they mention if every phd student will have some sort of funding? And when will the funding information be available to us normally? Also, did they talk about their placements both in industry and academic? I couldn't find the placement info of UNC anywhere.
  3. Could you please share some information provided at the UNC phd visit? How do you feel about the department and the school? I have been admitted to their biostat phd program but was not invited to the March 1-2 visit, probably because I am an international student. Anxiously waiting for their funding information right now...
  4. Fall 2018 Statistics Applicant Thread

    I have really no idea what is going on with UMich...I just got an interview with the statistics department. I asked whether I am on the waitlist but the professor told me they are still interviewing applicants before sending out offers and setting up a waitlist. The interview just lasts less than 10 minutes...Really didn't anticipate that...
  5. Fall 2018 Statistics Applicant Thread

    Self introduction at first, and talked about my undergraduate research experience, programming skills and research interest. My interviewer said they do not usually take undergrads into PhD program, so it's highly likely I will be offered MS admission, possibly with funding. The main intention of the interview is to learn if I will be suitable for GSRA.
  6. Fall 2018 Statistics Applicant Thread

    I have just finished my interview for UMich biostat PhD (via phone, the professor told me they were not supposed to give interviewee notice before making phone call). The professor said they will not meet until next week so I assume the result will come out sometime next week. I am an international applicant so I don't know if this is also true for domestic applicants.
  7. I am about to begin start those applications but I am still not sure about the chances of getting into the schools on my list. Any feedback and suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thanks! Undergraduate Institution: Top 2 in China Major: Chemistry GPA: 3.5 Double Major: Math GPA: 3.9 GPA(all courses combined): 3.6(WES) Type of Student: International Asian Male TOEFL: 30(R)+30(L)+23(S)+29(W) GRE General Test: Q: 170 V: 157 W: 4 GRE Subject Math Test: Taken on Oct. 28th, waiting for result. Expect to be higher than 90% Courses : Calculus 1 - A+ Calculus 2 - A+ Linear Algebra - A+ Mathematical Analysis - A+ Advanced Algebra - A Probability Theory - A Statistics - A+ Statistical Programming(SAS) - A Functions of Real Variables and Functional Analysis(something like real analysis) - A Operation Research - A- Abstract Algebra - A- Applied Stochastic Processes - B- Ordinary Differential Equations - B- Applied Time Series Analysis - C+ Measure Theory - B Applied Regression Analysis - B+ Research Experience: Research on statistical genetics: more than one year but no result at this moment Summer research for 2 months: statistical computing and Bayesian statistics Letters of Recommendation: Math professor from the course of Probability Theory Statistics professor: my summer research instructor, from top public schools in US Statistics professor: the instructor of my current research(on statistical genetics) I intend to ask for a letter of recommendation from a professor whose course I am taking this semester. It's a graduate level statistics course and the professor is IMS fellow/ASA fellow/ISI elected member. If he agrees, I will probably use this recommendation letter on programs with a deadline later than 12.20 Programs: I've not finalized my list yet so any suggestions would be appreciated. Statistics: University of Chicago Ms Duke Ms University of Michigan-Ann Arbor PhD University of Wisconsin—Madison Ms North Carolina State University PhD University of Minnesota—Twin Cities PhD Iowa State University PhD Purdue University—West Lafayette PhD University of Florida PhD Biostatistics: Harvard Ms University of Washington-Seattle Ms University of Michigan-Ann Arbor PhD University of Minnesota-Twin Cities PhD University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill PhD Yale PhD Emory PhD Concerns: The first concern is from my chemistry background. It is definitely not as competitive as a math-major background. And the second concern is that I've got poor grades for several upper level courses(Time Series, Stochastic Processes, and a B for measure theory does not seem good as well, I guess). So I am really not sure what the admission committee will think of my math and statistics background. I intend to go on pursuing a Doctoral degree. Therefore, for master programs, I only picked programs that are theoretical and useful for further application for PhD. Does anyone know some other statistics master programs that are useful for PhD application? Thanks in advance!