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  1. Hi all Just discovered this thread. Applied to 3 programs: Rejection from UNC (Hussman School), admitted with full funding at UMD and UC-Boulder.
  2. Hi everyone, First of all, I recognize what a privileged position I am in. After two rounds of applications that ended in a plethora of rejections and waitlists, I finally got accepted to my top programs with assistantship offers. I'm between two programs (in social sciences) that are offering me TAships at right south of 20K for 9 months. School #1 is a reputable state school just outside of a major East Coast city, where I currently live and work, and School #2 is a smaller state school in the West. Both programs are respected in the field. I have multiple open houses to attend, and imp
  3. Hi all - After earning an interdisciplinary MA, 30 credits of on-campus graduate work in IR at a European school, and 2 years of experience doing research under a federal grant at a Top 10 university, I have decided that it's time to pursue a PhD. But I'm having a very hard time deciding between Political Science and Public Policy programs, and this is causing me a lot of anxiety since application deadlines are about a month away. Since I'm almost 30 and have ample research experience under my belt, my questions of interest are, well, more concrete than a lot of the applicants' wou
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