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  1. US News did an HPM-focused ranking a couple years ago, although most of the programs they ranked are within public affairs / public policy schools, not schools of public health, and they specifically mention masters programs. But, given the interdisciplinary nature of most HPM programs, I think looking at the two rankings lists should provide a pretty decent picture of which schools are among the strongest for HPM (with the usual caveat that U.S. News rankings, or any rankings, should be taken with a grain of salt, etc etc.) https://www.usnews.com/best-graduate-schools/top-public-affairs-schools/health-management-rankings
  2. To my fellow Hopkins HPM wait-listers -- was anyone provided with a wait list ranking? I saw on the results page that someone reported being wait-listed with rank #1 for HSR. I applied to a different track (HPP) but my email/online portal status doesn't provide a rank. I'm going to take that to assume that my application isn't in the top 1-2 wait list slots, but am curious if others received info about their ranking on the wait list, or if all of us who aren't in the #1 slot are just waiting blind.
  3. I think it's definitely reasonable to ask, especially since a lot of public health programs provide full or partial compensation for interview related travel costs, or only offer Skype interviews. I know this question has been brought up in the Interviews board (https://forum.thegradcafe.com/forum/84-interviews-and-visits/) so you may want to look there for more specific advice about how to best inquire... I would likely just reach out to the program coordinator and express that you are excited about the opportunity to interview and look forward to talking with the admissions committee, however you are concerned about the costs associated with traveling to City X -- so you are writing to see if the program provides applicants with any compensation for travel costs, or if doing an interview via Skype or phone be an option.
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