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  1. TinyAquarianNinja

    Pittsburgh, PA

    Hey all! Incoming UPitt first-year in the BioE PhD program. If there's any other women looking for roommates this fall feel free to send me a PM!
  2. TinyAquarianNinja

    University of Pittsburgh

    Pitt BioE recruit here! I committed already and I can't wait to get started in the fall.
  3. I'm going to U of Pittsburgh! Great neural engineering with great professors and matched with my top choice lab.
  4. ah sorry, forgot to answer. the february visit was this past weekend; there's one more recruitment weekend in march.
  5. Duke seems like it's not done with invites yet! I just got one today.
  6. Has anyone applied to/heard anything from Northwestern BME? My chances aren’t great because I’ve spoken at length to the PI I’m most interested in and he isn’t taking students right now, but I’m still holding out hope that maybe someone else will take interest...
  7. Officially rejected from Berkeley/UCSF. Not entirely surprised after not getting an interview, but still kind of a bummer.
  8. Brown BME: 2/2 Pittsburgh BioE: 2/15-2/17
  9. Thanks! The visit days are Feb 15-17.
  10. Got an interview offer at UPitt today! My TL;DR profile is that I have a BS and an M.Eng in BME, I’m currently working as a lab tech in a Big Deal neural engineering lab, and my research interests are BCI/neurotechnology and rehabilitation.

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