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  1. Hello fellow applicants! So far Kent State and Northern Arizona are the schools I’ve been accepted to. Does anyone have input about either one of these programs?
  2. I am also from Northern California and considering applying to Maine! I have never been there though and am a little nervous about the transition to the more intense weather there. I have lived in CA my whole life so I am kinda spoiled by amazing weather . Do you have thoughts about that?
  3. Which programs are you applying to? I am seriously so worried about being accepted anywhere that I applied to eleven different schools! University of Montana, Portland State, Northern Colorado, Northern Arizona, UNC Chapel Hill, Appalachian State, Kent State, Ohio University, Penn State, University of Nevada, and Pacific University. Where are you from? I am from CA. Between cost of living and how much more competitive schools are around here, I am looking to move somewhere else for grad school and hopefully stay there. What are your biggest concerns about applications?
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