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  1. Also does anyone know the process of trust nomination? do you get nominated by the department?
  2. Was it with your admissions decision or a seperate email?
  3. anyone hear from cambridge trust?
  4. Hey Cshal. Was this from 2017 or 2016?
  5. Thank you! Now when do international applicants hear about gates :)?
  6. anyoen know what "Awaiting approval by GAO means" means???
  7. Hi I am an international applicant too! Have you heard of anything?
  8. Wow! this is very helpful. Thanks
  9. Has anyone heard anything about interviews for the OxCam NIH Partnership program?
  10. Agreed! keep me posted if you hear anything!! and i will with you!
  11. Thanks for the response! What program did you apply for?
  12. Hi all, did anyone hear from OxCam NIH Partnership program?
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